A Dog's Comfort

Canine Rehabilitation
and Comfort Care

What is Canine Rehabilitation?

A rapidly growing service of Veterinary medicine that recognizes our pets can benefit from individualized and specific exercise programs to recover faster, grow stronger and relax better.  Rehabilitation works closely with the pet and pet parent to develop a life-long wellness plan.
Rehabilitation helps our pets increase strength, mobility and balance.  Rehabilitation can decrease pain, muscle loss and weight as well as slow some disease processes and help our pets age gracefully.
See how rehabilitation may help your pet below.

Injury Recovery

Rehab can increase rate of recovery and increase overall stability after surgeries and injuries.

Weight Loss

A specific diet and exercise plan, tailored to your pet's lifestyle can help them safely shed pounds and add life to their years.  Individual or class sessions available.

Disease Control

Rehabilitation can reduce risks and slow many disease conditions such as hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis (OA), degenerative myelopathy (DM) and neurological conditions.

Comfort Care

As pets age, they can experience many of the same issues people do.  Rehabilitation can help reduce pain, increase mobility and promote relaxation.

What is "Comfort Care"

Like us, as our pets age, they may begin to experience many physical, emotional and cognitive changes.  It may be as simple as getting up a little slower from a nap or more frustrating such as involuntary elimination in the home.  Unfortunately, no one can stop the aging process however, at A Dog's Comfort, I work with your family's needs, as well as your pet's abilities to help make the process a little easier.
Using and teaching therapies like massage, stretching, and assisting to a stand, as well as discussing small changes that can be made around the home, together we can make your pet's senior years more comfortable.  For your convenience and your pet's ease, we offer in home sessions
Ask us about Senior Wellness Classes (starting soon).
A small group setting for you to learn how to care for your senior pet at home.  We puppy-proof our homes when a new furry friend is added, this class will teach ways to help your senior pet get around better and stay mobile longer.  Includes home massage techniques.
Veterinary referral not required for Wellness Classes.

Why Choose A Dog's Comfort?

Charlotte M Hogan, RVT, CCRP
7025 Dufferin Ave, Wallaceburg ON

After volunteering for many years with community animal organizations I decided to change careers to become a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT).  I graduated with honours from the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus Veterinary Technology Program in 2015.  I started working as a RVT at a local small animal clinic and quickly knew I wanted to learn more about alternative and complementary veterinary medicine.  I wanted to be able to offer comfort care for patients as they aged and to help patients recover better after injury and surgery.  I saw a need in our community for this growing field.  
In 2019, I became a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) after completing an extensive course through the University of Tennessee.  With the help of the clinic I was working at, we were able to introduce a rehabilitation program for patients that needed a tender touch to heal.  The program grew quickly and expanded to what is now A Dog's Comfort.
I am dedicated to individualized, hands-on patient care in a comfortable, calm and safe environment.  Working with your pet's specific interests and abilities in mind, together we can develop an exercise and therapy plan that suits what both you, the client, and your pet needs to be comfortable and to recover better from injury.

NOTE:  All animal treatments in Ontario must be approved by a licensed Veterinarian.  If choosing A Dog's Comfort, we will work closely with your Veterinarian to ensure your pet only receives treatments appropriate for their specific condition.

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Dr. Emily Durbin, BSc, DVM
"I feel so lucky to have access to Charlotte's physiotherapy knowledge and skills for my patients!  Physiotherapy has become an important tool for managing my cat and dog patients.  Traditional medicine alone, like pain medication and surgery isn't appropriate for all patients.  Having another option for pet owners, when their pet is in pain or having trouble with mobility is so important.  Thanks to Charlotte many patients have improved mobility and live with less pain everyday!"